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Egyptian Torch Offering Table Lamp – Set of Two


Brussels Floral Art Nouveau Sculptural Wall Shelf


Primrose Art Nouveau Tiffany-Style Stained Glass Window


Wings of Isis Egyptian Revival Sculptural Clock


Egyptian Goddess Isis: Grand-Scale Clock Statue


Goddess of Time Pendulum Clock


Gears of Time Sculptural Wall Clock: Large


Chateau St. Roche Sculptural Wall Mirror


Salon des Rosiers: Armchair


The Carlisle Louis XV Open Armchair: Set of Two


Carved Rocaille Chair: Set of Two


Charles II Dining Chair Set


Isis Egyptian Sculptural Table Lamp


Ravishing Peacock Petite Tiffany-Style Table Lamp


Lotus of Monet’s Garden Petite Tiffany-Style Table Lamp


Art Nouveau Peacock Tiffany Style Stained Glass Floor Lamp


Blackfriar’s Gate Wall Torchiere Lamp Set of Six


Les Champs Toulon Hanging Pendant Lanterns Set of Two