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Egyptian Torch Offering Table Lamp – Set of Two


Egyptian Cobra Goddess Sandtimer Hourglass: Set of Two


Medinet Habu Sculptural Egyptian Wall Clock


Milano Centrale Grande Train Station Wall Clock


The Cherub’s Harvest Clock


Art Nouveau Peacock Princess Mirrored Wall Sculpture


Grand Classic Edwardian Dining Armchair

$950.00 $750.00

Little Girl in a Blue Armchair, 1878: Canvas Replica Painting: Large


Renaissance Curulis Ottoman Stool

$499.00 $375.00

St. Gabriel Neoclassical Armchair: Set of Two

$2,299.00 $1,450.00

DeMedici Palace Renaissance Chair

$450.00 $299.00

Royal Cat Goddess Bastet Sculptural Table Lamp: Set of Two


Servant to the Egyptian Pharaoh Table Lamp


Goddess Hestia Sculptural Floor Lamp


Four Dragons of the Cardinal Directions Hanging Chandelier

$249.00 $149.00

Male Egyptian Telamon Sconce

$129.00 $119.00

Versailles Maidens Sculptural Mantel Clock

$189.00 $159.00

The Lord Raffles Grand Hall Lion Coffee Table

$1,250.00 $999.00