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4 Panel Foldable Wooden Room Divider – White

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There are a huge variety of styles to consider while shopping for a room divider. While traditional American style room dividers have wooden slats in the frames and look like window shutters joined by hingers, most popular ones are Japanese style screens that mostly have rice paper shades.

Most room divider screens can be broken into 4 categories:

Japanese Wood Frame & Paper Shoji Screens, Wood Slat Shutter Style, Asian Style Woven Plant Fiber Folding & European Style Faux Leather Folding Screens.

Japanese Wooden Frames have a wide range available that are extra light & portable with translucent panel screens and simple designs and amazing color choices.

Wood Slat Room Dividers are comparatively heavy room dividers with an effective folding privacy screen. They have a simple, neutral design floor screen and a solid & durable folding screen.

Asian Style Woven Plant Fiber Folding Room Dividers are comparatively light and portable, with mostly opaque privacy screens. They have simple, neutral design floor screens with solid and durable folding panel screens.

European Style Faux Leather Folding Screens are heavier, more substantial, but very portable room dividers. They’re entirely opaque, sound damping privacy screens with striking, coloful design floor screens.

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