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A good doormat is not only the best way to protect your floors, it’s also an easy way to make your entrance look well organized. Also, door mats are your home’s first line of defense against the dirt and debris that come along with your footwear. Hence it’s important to consider your doormat’s material and size with respect to location it will be kept.

You may need different door mats for Indoor vs Outdoor locations. An outdoor mat needs to be made of weather-resistant durable materials like woven grass, teak or coconut fibers. Also look for mats with abrasive or textured surfaces – may be scraper surfaces that are designed to whisk away even the most stubborn mud.

Rubber door mats should be avoided outdoors as they may crack due to prolonged exposure to cold, heat or elements. Mats made of jute and fabrics are best used indoors since they don’t stand up well against the elements over long periods of time.

Size of an ideal doormat is around 75-80% the width of the doorway. Also consider the thickness of the doormat. A very thick doormat may get stuck when you open the door.

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