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Ideas and Advice on How to Buy a Floor Lamp

How to Buy a Floor Lamp in Australia

To enhance the aesthetic appeal of a space, lighting schemes play a significant role. It has the capacity to influence the mood of a room, creating warm vibes. A floor lamp is one of the most underrated yet interesting additions to your space. 

You must be thinking – isn’t buying a floor lamp simple? Just choose the design and theme, and you are done! However, it is not as easy as it seems. There are various aspects that homeowners need to consider to make the abode sophisticated and unique. If you want to weave an ever-lasting impression, look at some of the ideas and tips you can consider in purchasing the floor lamp. 

Decide the use of the floor lamp

At first, you need to decide how you want to use the floor lamp. Is it a decorative piece meant to add elegance to the room? Or do you want to work or read using it? Having an answer to this specific question will definitely help you in making the correct choice. 

Know the different types of floor lamps

There are various types of floor lamps, each having unique features that make them stand apart from the rest. The most popular one is the ambient floor lamp. These have a traditional shade at the top, which offers semi-direct illumination. While these lamps act as a perfect décor for the living room, you can also sit nearby and read a book. 

The next type is the reading floor lamp. As the name suggests, these lamps come with a more focused and direct light which facilitates reading. You can brighten up your desk or favorite corner and read. 

Another immensely popular type is torchiere floor lamps. These have upward lighting that illuminates the room without glare. With the accent lighting, the lamp adds dimension to the room, enhancing its appeal. 

Arc floor lamp is a perfect blend of reading and ambient floor lamp. These have an arc that lends versatility, while the adjustable shade makes them ideal for working or reading. It can also double up as an overhead light, placing the limelight on a dining table or living room couches. 

Understanding the different floor lamp styles will help you choose the right one based on your room décor and purpose. 

Tips on how to buy a Floor Lamp
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The color scheme of the room

Another thing that you must consider is the color palette of the room. For instance, if you have dark colors in the ceiling, walls, and floor, you will need high light intensity bright floor lamps. It is essential to shedding light on the space, making it more mesmerizing. In the case of light color schemes, you can tone down the intensity. 

Place the lamp in the space before making the purchase

It is without a doubt that purchasing a floor lamp is a considerable financial investment. That is why you must visualize the lamp in the space you want to keep before paying. Usage of advanced technology allows you to get a vivid picture of the lamp in the desired place. If you are wondering where to buy a floor lamp, you can either opt for an online store or a physical shop. 

Consider the safety

Amidst the wide variety of features, safety is often ignored. If the floor lamp doesn’t have a sturdy base, it can topple, leading to the occurrence of serious injuries. To choose the best floor lamps, you need to pay special attention to the bottom and see if they are well balanced and heavy. 

Note the various features

Different floor lamps come with various features. For instance, some come with in-built USB ports. You can use that to recharge your electronic devices. Some floor lamps have double pull chains allowing users to manipulate the light level. Moreover, some unique floor lamps have an in-built shelf or table. 

Take a look at the size and length

Apart from this, the length and size of the floor lamps matter too. To choose the right dimensions, you need to know how much space you have to place the lamp. Moreover, observe the height of the other furniture items in the room. That way, you will refrain from buying a lamp that looks ludicrously tall. 

With these unique ideas and suggestions, you can make the best choice of buying floor lamps. Undoubtedly, the best floor lamps will make your room more elegant and impressive.  

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